Islanders first practice at Barclays, Brooklyn

Islanders first practice at Barclays, Brooklyn

Pierre McGuire with another insightful interview.

An Austrian ice hockey team will get to become gladiators when matches are played inside one of the best preserved Roman arenas in the world later this month.

The ice pitch will be placed inside the ancient Roman Arena in the western Croatian town of Pula to host Croatian champions Medvescak Zagreb as well as their foreign opponents Vienna Capitals from Austria - and Telemach Olimpija from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

Source: Austrian Independent 

"Gopher hunting at my mothers house." - Derek Stepan

"Before doing breakaways today @RealStamkos91 told me he ALWAYS goes top glove,1st shot he went low blocker..Never trust a sniper..” - Henrik Lundqvist

Iron on the green.

"Because there wasn’t enoguh time to play 54" - Grant Fuhr, after being asked how could he play 36 holes of golf in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals.